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Chocolat Essentiel: Well-being chocolate with essential oil

'The rediscovery of the apothecary's bonbon' is how Aaltje van der Zee describes 'Chocolat Essentiel' on behalf of organic wholesaler Amanvida. Chocolat Essentiel offers a range of chocolates that combines the power of cocoa and acacia honey with essential oil. "They are real well-being chocolates packed with natural nutrients with which you can take essential oil in an easy and tasty way. Did you know that the first real chocolates were made by a Belgian pharmacist who processed his medicines in chocolate to make them taste better?"

What is the story behind Chocolat Essentiel?
When Dr. Ir. Katarina Verhaegen's daughter was prescribed aromatherapy, she wanted to make her daily essential oil intake as palatable and efficient as possible for her. Essential oils have been used as medicine without side effects since ancient times. To take them, just drizzle these powerful oils on some honey.

Katarina, who is a beekeeper and herbalist or herbalist herself, mixed the essential oil with organic acacia honey for the tasty taste. Afterwards, she coated teaspoons of this mixture with cocoa liqueur. The result were little delicacies full of vitamins, minerals, fiber and bioactive ingredients. Katarina perfected her recipe into well-being chocolate pralines: 'Chocolat Essentiel'.

"These unique chocolates are more than chocolates. They are tasty nutritional supplements for essential and healthy pleasure," says Aaltje.

Why Chocolat Essentiel?
✔ Exclusive chocolates, handmade according to ancient Belgian tradition
✔ Simple recipe of 3 ingredients with great natural power
✔ Locally made in Geldenaken (Jodoigne, Belgium)
✔ Energy for the production is provided by the own restored water mill
✔ The packaging, made from cocoa husk waste, is recyclable, compostable or reusable
✔ Clean label and as far as possible organic

The power of chocolate
Chocolate originated with the Mayans and Aztecs more than 1,000 years ago. They used roasted cacao beans, honey and spices to brew a drink that they thought could boost their energy levels up to 4 times.

In the late 18th century, cocoa was recognized as a medicinal product and was sold only in pharmacies. The story goes that the first real chocolates were made by a Belgian pharmacist who incorporated his medicines into chocolate to make them taste better. Unfortunately, unnecessary amounts of sugar, butter and cream were added along the way, making chocolates more of a guilty pleasure today.

Chocolat Essentiel wants to go back to the basics of this pharmacy chocolate with an innovative range of well-being chocolate.

What is in a Chocolat Essentiel praline?
A Chocolat Essentiel bonbon or praline contains only a few ingredients: pure cocoa, acacia honey and essential oil. Furthermore, there are no added sugars, cream, dyes, preservatives or lecithin. "You can consider them as a natural food supplement and also take them like that and enjoy them deliciously." FULL ARTICLE

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