With this luxurious gift box, you will introduce someone to the benefits of pure cocoa, honey and essential oils.

  • Light: A gift box with the 6 Chocolat Essentiel Small Box containing 4 chocolates - Single Flavors
  • Premium: A luxurious gift box with the 6 Chocolat Essentiel Big Box containing 21 chocolates - Single Flavors

Flavors: Lemon, Mandarine, Ginger, Peppermint, Pine, Jasmine. 


Lemon: The refreshing and invigorating scent of lemon oil creates a perfect blend between the 100% pure cocoa shell and the acacia honey heart. 

Mandarine: The delicious aroma of mandarin oil evokes a feeling of joy and happiness. Its floral and fruity notes blend perfectly with cocoa and acacia.

Ginger oil awakens feelings of trust and strength. Discover how the spicy and warm flavors stimulate the chocolates and yourself.

Peppermint oil is a sweet and intense refreshing bite of goodness that awakes all your senses. Paired with pure cocoa, it offers a timeless combination.

The scent of pine oil is clarifying and invigorating and blends well with the botanical ‘down-to-earth’ and woody oak aroma’s in the cocoa.

Jasmine oil is described as exotic, sensual, intense, warm and sweet. Heavenly in combination with pure cocoa! 

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