Who is professor Walter Luyten?

Chocolat Essentiel. In addition to bringing tasty chocolate, we also want to focus on the benefits of cocoa and natural oils. We do not do this lightly, but make it a point to conduct preliminary scientific research and to bring you products that are as optimized as possible. Therefore, we teamed up with Professor Walter Luyten, president of the company devoted his career to research drug discovery with a passion for natural medicines.

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How does his involvement enhance the understanding or appreciation of chocolate-related topics?
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Siska 28 décembre 2023

His role or significance in the context of chocolates or the content presented on the website?
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Melati 28 décembre 2023


Stefaan Quinart advised me to contact you as a production manager à Chocolat Essentiel.
I am Amélie, Business developer at Dimo Maint. I’m contacting you because we develop CMMS solution that could bring positive results to the Brewery you are working at, as it has for well-known companies in the agri-food field, such as Leonidas, Bières de Chimay and Brasserie Orval.

Our aim is to digitize maintenance, to have a secure and simple view of interventions, to save as much time as possible and be more efficient, to manage and anticipate future interventions and expenses/purchases/stocks.

If you’re open to discussing further on how our solution can meet your specific maintenance needs, I’d be delighted to schedule a short call soon. Just let me know when it would be most convenient for you.

In the meantime, please feel free to visit our DIMO Maint website to learn more about our CMMS.

Best regards,

Amélie Favier 12 octobre 2023

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