The story of Chocolat Essentiel started a few years ago when a prescribed aromatherapy challenged me to make my daily intake more pleasant.

Essential oils, a natural medicine without side effects, are usually taken with honey as a vehicle. To improve the taste, I used monofloral honey and wrapped the mixture with 100% pure cocoa to make the intake pleasant.

Being a chocolate and health enthusiast myself, as well as a bee-keeper and herbalist, I sincerely hope you will enjoy the taste and numerous benefits of these uplifting Belgian pralines.

The resulting delicacies, made from just a few ingredients, are a huge source of vitamins, minerals, fibre and bioactive ingredients.

Each praline is handmade in the family-run atelier, fully powered by its own water mill. The boxes, made from waste cocoa shells, are compostable, recyclable or reusable.


The story of chocolate began more than a thousand years ago, when the Aztecs and Mayans used roasted cocoa beans, honey and spices to make a drink they thought could quadruple their energy.

At the end of the 18th century, cocoa was officially declared a medicine and was sold exclusively in pharmacies.

Rumour has it that the first chocolates were made by a Belgian pharmacist who dipped his medicines in chocolate to make them more attractive. Unfortunately, by adding unnecessarily large quantities of sugar, butter and cream, the pralines gradually evolved from a 'healthy' to a 'guilty' pleasure.

To the well-being of your chocolate!

Dr. Ir. Katarina Verhaegen
+32 474 650 001