The taste of freshly picked lemons stimulates your brain to stay focused. These chocolates are filled with vitamin C. A natural energizer, with great taste. The high amount of antioxidants in the cocoa and lemon oils make this praline a Super Food. Delicious bar made of 4 'pralines': shells are made up of 100% cacao (origin Peru), the filling is based on the essential oil of lemon.

Little box - 4 pralines 
Big box - 12 pralines

INGREDIENTS (*=certified organic ingredients)
Cacao liquor and cacao butter* 75%
Mono-floral honey* 24,8%
Citrus limon essential oil*

Each 'praline' contains approximately 10% of the recommended daily intake of iron. Iron decreases tiredness and fatigue and supports the normal function of the cognitive and immune system. Cacao is a source of fibres and a natural antioxidant. Citrus limon is known to stimulate the circulation of blood, and as such increases brain functionality.


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