Craft Selection by Gault&Millau - 14.12.21

We've been selected and reviewed by Gault&Millau as chocolatier. How great to hit this end of a crazy year with such a good news! 

" A newcomer and at the same time an outsider in chocolate country is Chocolat Essentiel where they make chocolates based on organic cocoa as a therapeutic agent. Chocolate that can have a beneficial impact on our health does indeed seem essential. At the root of this is biomedical engineer Katarina Verhaegen who weaves essential oils into her chocolates. Each praline consists of 100% pure organic cocoa, acacia honey, fruit and one essential oil. For example, basil oil that helps against headaches. With Chocolat Essentiel, she wants to develop knowledge company that searches for the why behind the impact of essential oils on our well-being."

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