And now.. what.

Our carefully selected 100% pure cocoa is a natural rich source of iron, copper and chromium. That’s why our chocolates support the immune system, improve memory function and reduce fatigue. They also contribute to skin and hair health and have antioxidant properties. The essential oils, carefully added to the filling, give a natural and pleasant explosion of flavors and provide additional beneficial effects known in traditional natural medicine.

The chocolates are recognized as a 100% natural food supplement, so you might take them as a cure in function of your needs. But no worries. Even if you are in perfect health, you can still eat our chocolates as a healthy pleasure. 

QUICK BOOST: 2 to 4 chocolates spread over the day
GENTLE CURE: 1 to 2 chocolates a day for 21 days
INTENSIVE CURE: 3 to 4 chocolates a day for 7 days