Want to brighten up your day? This praline is made for you. The organic oils of Ginger give you the vitality you need to flow through the day. Ginger contains many benefits, required to function well. The combination of raw cocoa and ginger ensures an explosive taste on the palate. One ginger praline and your life becomes more manageable.  

Little box - 4 pralines
Big box - 12 pralines

INGREDIENTS (*=certified organic ingredients)
Cacao liquor and cacao butter* 75%
Monofloral honey* 24,8%
Zingiber officinale essential oil*

Each praline contains approximately 10% of the recommended daily intake of iron. Iron decreases tiredness and fatigue and supports the normal function of the cognitive and immune system. Cacao is
 a source of fibres and a natural antioxidant. Zingiber officinale is known for its positive influence on vitality (fights fatigue) and as an appetite suppressant.

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